Sometimes life does not happen like you expect it. Life does not care about how well you write down in your planner how great tomorrow will be. Life don’t care too much about how many degrees you have accumulated during the years, Nor how much money you have. Life is not bias! It’s here for anyone and everyone with a beating heart and breath. No one is exempt from this thing called life. you can’t run from it you just have to accept it and live through it.

Using my life as an example. I got married at 21 then found myself Divorced at 26… Was it all planned? No… I don’t know anyone that has gotten married to divorce. You see we have our own plans but life has it’s own course. We can either fight against life and Lose or we can go with it and learn what we need too and Win!

Life caught me off guard and put me in a uncomfortable place, a foreign place I’ve never been before. I was lost!  You see that’s what “Life” does. It specialize in putting you in an unknown place, a foreign place, a place that will wake up fear and confusion all at once. You’ll find yourself in a place where there is no negotiation. No matter where life decides to take you. Whether it’s through a Sickness, a Divorce, Betrayal, A Failed Relationship, An Eviction, A Lost Job, Lost A Spouse, A Heart Break there will be no warning. You have to just “Adjust” a word most people don’t like because it sounds like your “settling”; but that’s far from what I’m saying. If you look at the definition of Settling, it means “to accept or agree to (something that one considers to be less than satisfactory)” basically giving up. That is far from what I’m saying. Adjust means “to alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result:” meaning using what we have or what is given to us to go through and make it.

          Use what you got. Change your perception! See life as a friend and not your enemy. See life as the professor and see yourself as the student. Don’t ever fight against the waves of life but adjust to it and find another way to make it. We all were born with the exact armor to fight this battle to some of us this war. Using God’s wisdom is one of the tools we have to use. See; the longer you endure through life the wiser you become. Wisdom is a gift from God only given to those that are willing to receive it through the good time and the bad. Some of you might feel lost and not know what you got that can help you go through life. Well, let me help you with some tools that can definitely help you overcome this thing called “Life”.

Patience, Forgiveness, Kindness, Perseverance, humility, Positivity, but your greatest weapon that will always overcome whatever you face unexpectedly with “Life” will always and forever be